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5 Tips For Great Wedding Images

So we thought we'd take a break from posting recent work to do something a bit different. Of course, every photographer has in his *hidden* portfolio of beginner work, an image like what we'll discuss shortly. Ever wondered what you could do to ensure you get great wedding photos? Hopefully these five tips will help! 

1. Ambience Matters: Avoid the Church Nursery.

How many times have you seen beautiful wedding images of a friend or relative, but something seemed.....a bit off? Could it be those large bright posters of the alphabet in the background? Whenever possible, avoid selecting the church nursery as your bridal/groom dressing room. 

2. Clear the Clutter, and the Crowd!

It never fails, be it a bridesmaid or relative, many people migrate to the bride's dressing room to visit or catch a sneak peak. The upside - friends help break the stress of the day. The downside - they bring their purses, keys, cellphones, lunch from a local fast food restaurant, their wedding ceremony outfits, etc. Of course, all of these things clutter your bridal space and are reflected in your wedding images. Be sure to have a separate room set aside for your bridesmaids to get dressed and store their things. 

3. Have a Wedding Theme: Details are Key!

Nothing brightens a wedding photographer's day more than a well planned, meticulously laid out, themed wedding. Perhaps, this is the added value of hiring a wedding planner. If you give your planner a great theme (and appropriate budget), the possibilities are endless. Want amazing photos? Take the time to have great details! 

4. Wedding Day Timelines: Don't forget your photographer!

Months of planning come down to one important day, and you've planned it down to the minutes in the hours of the day. But, did you consider the time your photographer will need to capture and document your day? This is especially important with photojournalistic photographers. In order to reflect on your wedding day through great images, you have to allocate time for your photographer to capture those moments. 

5. Leave Your Lengthy Shot List at Home, Pretty Please?

Of course, some wedding planning blogs and books suggest you develop your own shot list. After all, you are the one paying the photographer to capture your day. However, beware of inundating your photographer with a long, detailed, shot list. Weddings are some of the most unpredictable *planned* events ever. So, if your photographer is so bogged down with trying to check off a never-ending list of shots, he or she cannot focus on capturing the great moments of your day. If your photographer is an experienced professional, they have their own standard shot list they use as a "go by". Best advice? Consult with your photographer and ask him or her for a copy of their sample shot list, and supplement accordingly.

Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! Happy Planning!

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